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For us the actual A/R is not just a follow up on recently submitted claim or the claim which is already shown in paid status on website. But for us actual A/R means to follow up on the claim which is not paid even after the 30 days of submission. Once the Claim are submitted to the insurances for processing, our expert and experienced A/R team proactively follow up on all the unpaid claims that have crossed the 30 days aging. Our experienced and expert staff maximize your revenues and reduce your expenses.

Our highly trained A/R team analyses the claims carefully and do the timely follow up if:

  1. a claim is under paid,
  2. a claim is partially paid,
  3. a claim is denied with an inappropriate reason,
  4. a claim is not processed at all even after 30 days bucket.

The denied and under paid claims are appealed to get them processed correctly. Sometime claims are denied for Medical Necessity, so our Medical Review Team prepared the Medical Necessity Letter and send it to the payer along with supporting documents including Medical Records to prove the medical necessity of a service or a procedure.