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The rapidly evolving technology and complex diagnostic protocols has made cardiology billing a cumbersome process for many healthcare practices. This complexity of the entire process leads to considerable gaps, which, if not recognized may lead to a huge loss of time and efforts.

In fact, the constant advancements lead to ever-changing codes for almost all the procedures. When it comes to cardiology billing, there is always a possibility for up or down-coding a procedure. Since frequent changes in codes keep occurring in procedures including angioplasty, ECG recording, lilac repair, Stent replacement, etc.

Challenges in Cardiology coding & Cardiology billing services
  • Providers must know whether the codes submitted by them are accepted & calls for medical necessity to be performed.
  • CMS provides an exhaustive list of CPT codes and keeps an eye if the provider is correctly coding or not.

At Unify, we have a team of well-trained coders and billers. Our experts are well informed about the recent developments and advancements in cardiology billing. The experts take no time in identifying and fixing the issues in your billing system. This results in increased revenue, allowing you to offer the best services and care to your patients. Our expertise in Cardiology includes:

  • Nuclear Cardiology
  • Peripheral Studies
  • Pediatric Cardiology
  • Cardiac-Periphery interventions
  • Diagnostic Cardiologic Procedures
Premium Cardiology medical billing company
Our knowledgeable team believes in creating smooth and error-free billing for your Cardiology practice.

Our team clearly understands the list of codes & suitable modifiers, applies best practices for Cardiology billing, and ensures that we stick to them. We use different billing processes depending on whether it was an inpatient or outpatient visit.

Since our experts are aware of the fact that cardiac surgery pre-authorization is essential to avoid authorization denials, we recommend the following best practices:

Using Electronic Health Records (EHR) – Using EHR systems ensures high-quality clinical documentation. Cardiology, in particular, does and can witness a lot of changes in procedures. A robust clinical documentation process helps medical practices to stay compliant.

Combo codes – For different Cardiology conditions, the ICD-10 uses a lot of combination codes. Our team of coders are well-trained in using these combination codes.

Code for diagnosis and not symptoms – Our experts are aware enough to avoid coding for symptoms that are not part of the treatment. They only code for the performed procedures and treated ailments.

Compliant coding is critical – We provide regular training to our coders so that they may stay updated on the constantly changing coding and billing guidelines. This helps them stay compliant with the coding.
Our Expertise
We have a team of specialists that is:

Well trained and always stays updated about the recent changes in the Cardiology specialty.

Successful in processing medical claims with both commercial insurance companies and federal payers like Medicaid and Medicare.

Expert in eliminating any risk of losses, reducing costs and helping you achieve improved clinical & operational efficiency.

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  • HIPAA compliant
  • 24*7 availability
  • Regular Quality Audits
  • Capability to work on all software
  • Efficient processing of both paper and electronic file claims
  • 65% reduction in document processing time
  • 14$ intake cost savings per patient
  • 68% reduction in AR turnaround
  • 100% paperless process

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