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Neurology Medical Billing Services
Neonatology is a pediatrics discipline that focuses on providing medical care to infants, particularly to sick or premature babies.
Our Neurology Medical Billing Services Cover Your End-to-End Needs

HIPAA compliant

Regular QA Checking

Higher rate of accuracy

Software usage flexibility

Efficient processing of both paper and electronic file claims

Strict confidentiality of your documents and other information

We Handle an Array of Offshore Neurology Medical Billing Services

Following are some of the most common Neurology billing challenges faced by Neurologists:

High-end training requirement:
A Neurology medical billing specialist must be familiar with critical electronic systems like EHR & EMR. These systems help with the digital documentation of patient’s medical records. Where EMR can access data from only one provider, EHR can do the same from multiple providers. Some programs such as Medicaid require EHR before receiving payments in the form of incentives.
Talking of EHR and EMR, one requires proper training to operate both. Neurology billers & coders are also required to renew their licenses every 2 years. However, renewing the license also calls for extensive study since they need to be familiar with the recent changes/updates.

Filing multiple claims & coding errors:
Based on neurology services, you can be asked to file multiple claims in a day. Since some billers are not equipped with the required technology to file multiple claims, they may have to file each claim individually. Their inability to file multiple claims at once results in delays and the process of Neurology billing slows down.
Even though Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) is replacing a huge chunk of coding, human coders are still in sizeable demand to perform the needful. As a result, errors such in typing result in an increasing number of claim denials.

Confidentiality errors
Confidentiality is essential in Neurology medical billing and laws like HIPPA has been incorporated to protect patient’s personal information. However, complying with the stated laws take a considerable amount of time and effort.
The laws stated to protect patient’s health information are subject to change. This calls for the billers and coders to stay updated with the changes in order to avoid heavy penalties.
All these challenges call for a healthcare facility to outsource their billing and coding services to a professional company. The professional medical billing and coding company helps streamline the billing and coding process, resulting in reduced claim denials and increased revenue. This also allows the healthcare providers to focus on providing exceptional care to their patients. We make this happen by enhancing their administrative, managerial, and financial excellence.
Our value
We focus towards offering knowledge and excellence while streamlining the revenue cycle for your healthcare facility. We believe in effortless and accurate billing, coding, claim submission, and payment posting process.
  • We perform consistent accounts receivable follow-up.
  • Prior authorization is performed on a regular basis.
  • Our denials team focuses on switching denial management mode to denial prevention.
Our Expertise
We have a team of specialists that is:

Well trained in the efficient use of Medical Coding Software.

Successful in processing medical claims with both commercial insurance companies and public payers like Medicaid and Medicare.

Efficient in working with Medicare & Medicaid and understanding state-specific policies.

Expert in eliminating any risk of losses, reducing costs and helping you achieve improved clinical & operational efficiency.

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This is why you can consider us as your trusted billing partner
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Regular QA checking
  • Higher rate of accuracy
  • Software usage flexibility
  • Efficient processing of both paper and electronic file claims
  • Strict confidentiality of your documents and other information

Get in touch with us and ensure a healthcare practice that is never short of revenue and is always up to deliver the best care to the patients with premium neurology billing and coding services.

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